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I’ve never been much interested in traditional demos. I tend to like to abuse hardware and software when I can rather than use it the way it’s intended. So I actually prefer demos that involve real-life jams.

I was fortunate enough to spend Thursday evening hanging out with the team from Teenage Engineering, geeking out, eating barbecue, and talking about their work and why the winters in Stockholm can improve productivity. It seems the gentlemen of Teenage Engineering have been shooting copious video of themselves playing their instrument – and some they actually went back and deleted or kept to themselves.

So, I managed to smuggle out a video of an extended jam making use of the OP-1′s virtual tape features, sneaking it onto the SD card of my phone.

I hope they don’t find out. This can be just between me and you, all alone on the … Internet.

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    It looks REALLY responsive! I think this is the one to rule them all.

  2. Al Hogar

    Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.

  3. jason r kramer

    any idea when they’re shipping?

  4. Peter Kirn

    They appear to be making headway on those prototypes. So I don’t think it’s too far off.

  5. jg

    Let me guess: He’s playing a patch called “Giggling aliens”

  6. hank c

    that thing is awesome looking, but what’s the big deal about that demo?  i can do that if i pull and push my cheek out really quickly…..  i can’t tell what’s so special about the OP1 other than great interface.  the sounds seems like same ol’

  7. [...] Watch it in action in this video of a live jam, shot by Teenage Engineering and smuggled off one of their computers for CDM: [...]


    I think, listening to the audio demos on their blog, that the sound is really special. It’s not like the everyday virtual analog digital synth. I really think it’s got its own character and I’m amazed they didn’t put up a proper movie with proper sound for NAMM. And the deal is, I think, not this demo, cuz it’s clearly just for fun, showing that it’s extremely responsive though… Well, the deal is it seems like a VERY versetile, usable, responsive, fun to use, uniquely multicapacity little bastard. Most of the time multi-use stuff just gets messy. This however seems uniquely thought through and designed with “play”, “fun” and “responsiveness” in mind. I’m looking forward to this as much as I did Tenori-On. Mabye more, cuz it’s got the potential to get used more.

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