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We already have a full post on The Bridge on Create Digital Music publishing now, but here’s the press release on the product. I actually found the description here a bit confusing, so for the CDM post, I was able to get further clarification from Ableton.

One thing not in the CDM post — note the celebrity endorsements. Yes, not only Traktor can play that game. It’s too bad the Serato and Ableton teams are playing each other in basketball Saturday night. A Bridge tournament (cough) would have seemed more appropriate.

Ableton and Serato present The Bridge at Winter NAMM 2010

Berlin, Germany, (January 14, 2010) – Ableton and Serato are
proud to announce The Bridge at NAMM 2010 in Anaheim, California.
The Bridge spans the gap between music production and DJing,
creating a natural link between Ableton Live and Serato Scratch
Live/ITCH. The Bridge provides a powerful fusion of DJ and
production tools, opening a world of opportunities for DJing,
remixing and live performance.

The Bridge works in both directions:

Ableton to Serato

The Bridge provides Ableton Transport Control (ATC), giving DJs
turntable-style control of their own multitrack productions. DJs
can simply drag an Ableton Live Set onto one of the decks in
Scratch Live or ITCH and use their turntables, CDJ or ITCH
controller to control the transport.

Serato to Ableton

The Bridge provides the ultimate mixtape creation tool. DJs can
perform mixes in Serato Scratch Live or ITCH and save them as an
Ableton Live Set. This way, the DJ can still perform the
mix—better than cut and pasting it together in a DAW—but
also has detailed editing options.

Reactions to The Bridge
“For DJs who don’t make beats yet, that turns into ‘Hey, I can
make beats in here, too.’ For the guys who are beatmakers already
as well as DJs, it’s great because it’s almost like you’re DJing
with multitracks. And the mixtape feature was probably the best
thing I’ve ever seen. People are going to get really creative,
I know my brain is working already, there’s stuff that I’m going
to do that I choose not to disclose right now because it’s top
- DJ Jazzy Jeff

“Seeing where Ableton is at this state of technology, and all the
stuff that’s in there, and thinking about Ableton and Serato
together is mind boggling. I know there’s a lot of stuff that can
happen… we’re all producers, we’re all DJs, your mind starts to
wonder what’s coming. Everybody’s gonna get excited.”
- Kenny Dope

“My initial reaction? I was absolutely elated. As with most DJs
that are Ableton friendly, a lot of us have been utilizing
Ableton’s warping to quantize and straighten out records that
otherwise fluctuate. Now that we have the opportunity to play
with the actual files… and use them in DJ gigs and live shows,
the possibilities are absolutely 100% endless. Being as I just
saw [The Bridge], my mind is racing with endless ideas…”
- ?uestlove

Pricing and availability for The Bridge
The Bridge is free for anyone who owns registered versions of
both Serato Scratch Live/ITCH hardware and Ableton Live 8 or
Suite 8.

No release date has been set yet; anyone interested can follow
the progress of the project by subscribing to the Ableton

More information available at:

Press contacts for The Bridge:

About Ableton
Ableton makes Ableton Live, a unique product for writing,
recording and performing music with a computer. Since the company
started in 1999, Ableton has attracted an extensive and highly
committed community of musicians, composers, and DJs worldwide.
The company has received outstanding press, awards and customer
feedback since the unveiling of Live in October 2001. The company
HQ is in Berlin, there is another smaller office in New York. At
the moment, Ableton has about 100 employees.

About Live
Ableton Live is software for making music; for composition,
songwriting, recording, production, DJing, remixing and live
performance. Live’s nonlinear, intuitive flow, alongside powerful
real-time editing and flexible performance options, make it a
unique studio tool and a favorite with live performers. Ableton
Live is the choice for those who would rather be “making music”
than just “using music software.”

About Serato
Serato Audio Research has been recognized as the market leader in
time and pitch adjustment since its inception in 1999. Serato
formed a product partnership with Rane Corporation in 2004 with
Serato Scratch LIVE. Scratch LIVE is a revolutionary DJ product
that enables DJs to control digital audio files on their
computer. Serato has since expanded its reputation for excellent
pro DJ products with the release of Video-SL and ITCH DJ Software
in 2008.

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