cdm NAMM Liveblog

The news from onsite at the latest, largest exhibition in the music maker industry

Indamixx just fired off this video overview of the stuff in their booth. Notably, Renoise, the underground music app and tracker of which we’ve grown so fond, is featured.

I’m eager to see the Indamixx Pro laptop, having tested the older netbook. It’s also interesting to see DJing out of an HDMI cord – now we just need HDMI-equipped mixers. Ron Stewart from Indamixx is hilarious; this is actually generally how he talks – he’s sort of the opposite of me. (Mostly, I’m amazed I can watch this video from 35,000 feet in the air on Virgin’s GoGo Wifi service!)

Indamixx – Namm 2010 Booth #1869 Hall E from ronald stewart on Vimeo.

We got a lot of reader feedback on Indamixx, from the passionate Linux-using crowd. I’m passing that feedback onto Indamixx and 64 Studio, and I think some of it will make for a better turnkey distro very soon. Still, it’s nice to see Linux-powered products at the NAMM show.

Speaking of Linux, I’ll also be meeting with MUSE Research, who have new stuff in the pipeline, too. Their hardware is proof that Linux can be rock-solid, even for running Windows-native plug-ins.

Now, I just need to start making trophies for CDM. Maybe they could have some funny mascot on them or something.

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